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When do I take Wheatgrass Juice?

Ideally, Wheatgrass Juice is taken about half an hour prior to a meal. This allows the body to fully metabolize it without competing with other foods; it may also curb your hunger so you eat less at meal times. It is recommended that you also drink lots of water, to reap the optimum nutritional benefits.Taking Wheat Grass Juice as a supplement in the mid-morning or mid-afternoon is a great way to get anenergy boost.

Why Must Wheatgrass Juice Be Drunk Fresh?

The most potent form of wheatgrass is the fresh juice as nutrients are lost in pasteurisation or preserving. Like many raw and highly nutritious foods, fresh wheatgrass juice is highly active chemically and is thus unstable. Fresh is best

How Much Wheatgrass Do I Need?

If energy is generally good but one is having an off day, then a single shot of 30ml can be enough to get you going again. If energy levels are regularly down then a daily shot over a period of about a week can help improve things. For more long term illness daily amounts exceeding 500ml have been used but in these cases you would need to seek out a trained practitioner.


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