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What is Wheatgrass?

Wheatgrass has poetically been called "Nectar of Rejuvenation & Plasma of Youth” and is what health buffs call “complete food.”

Look around and you will see wheat grass popping up just about everywhere. It is offered in health bars as fresh juice, added to salads, smoothies and many other food products, or can be bought in tablets, capsules and powders. Athletes and health conscious people have used the fresh juice and its dry products for many years now, with the general public slowly but surely warming to it too.

People in fast paced societies like ours often eat very little, or none at all, of deep green, leafy vegetables. And those of us who eat them regularly don’t usually consume anywhere near the amount we need for balanced healthy living, unless we supplement our diet with nutrient concentrated green foods like wheat grass.

Well, maybe if you eat enough green leafy vegetables you'd see some similar health giving effects, but you would need to eat truckloads of raw (not cooked) green vegetables.

Grab a shot and feel the Difference


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