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Wheat picks up 92 of the 102 minerals in the soil and contains all the vitamins so far isolated. One ounce of wheatgrass juice equals two pounds of produce. Chlorophyll will arrest the growth and proliferation of the unfriendly bacteria. It produce an unfavorable environment for bacterial growth. Rapp and Gurney at Loyola University established that water soluble chlorophyll inhibits the action of Proteolytic Bacteria, which break proteins into simpler substances and enzymes. When wheatgrass is taken internally, whether oral or anal, it inhibits the putrefaction of protein by the bacteria commonly form in the digestive tract of meat eaters.

Dr.Chiu-Lan Lai Ph.D. at the University of Texas System cancer Center, Department of Biology, Houston, Texas, has determined through using the Ames Bacterial Mutagenicity Test that chlorophyll is the active factor in wheat sprout extract, which inhibits the metabolic activity of carcinogens.

In a twenty year study of 2,000 telephone company workers it was discovered that beta-carotene, a naturally occurring element in carrots and leafy green vegetables, significantly reduced the risk of lung cancer in cigarette smokers and negated the effects of 30 years of smoking.

The National Cancer Institute reports that 19 of 21 studies indicated diets high in beta-carotene contributes to at least a 40% risk reduction in developing some types of cancer.


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