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More than 50% of the dry weight of human body is protein, which is important for the healthy appearance of our hair, skin, nails and other body tissues. To stay in good health, we need to supply our bodies with food that contains a protein structure virtually identical to our body. Protein found in meat and dairy unfortunately does not have the ideal protein structure, and is further distorted by cooking.

A flesh and dairy eating human body goes into overdrive, to adapt to these foreign protein sources, and must learn how to extract the necessary nutrients.

The unused portions (wastes), are then stored in the body as fat and other toxic residues, which then begin to degenerate, causing a breakdown of the immune system and structural damage to organs and body tissue. It is much more sensible to ingest protein from food that resembles the protein structure in our body.

Super green food protein is the optimal form of protein. Out of 21 needed amino acids, green food contains 18. Our body itself manufactures the other 3. Many professional athletes rely on green food such as wheat grass, for the strength and stamina it gives them. Greens foods are a great choice of protein, having twice the protein of hamburgers by weight, without the added cholesterol and fat!



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